About / CV

I am a cinematographer and Steadicam operator working out of Cape Town and shoot commercials, short films, promos and feature films.

I was recently awarded the 2017 SOSA (camera operators society of SA) award for my Steadicam work on a promo I shot for The Suitcase Hearts at the SASC Visible Spectrum awards.

I operate on remote heads of all kinds including the Libra and the Stab-C as well as the regular fluid sort.

I have been in the industry since the early 90’s and have been a DOP and operator on film and all forms of HD working with the Alexa’s and all the Reds.

An international feature film I shot called “Bordering on bad behaviour” starred Tom Sizemore and was directed by Jac Mulder and will be released in 2017.

I also recently completed a 2nd film “Twisted Blues”with the same director on the Red Weapon Helium that is currently in post producton.

I operated and did the Steadicam for director Joe Wright’s episode of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” in 2016 as well being involved operating and doing Steadicam on “Black Sails” S4.

I hope you enjoyed the showreel. Don’t hesitate to check my availability for your next commercial or film.

Justin Youens