I’m a Steadicam/camera operator based in Cape Town with a number of years experience.

During 2017 I’ve done steadicam on a number of commercials as well as steadicam and cinematography on the international feature “Twisted Blues” shot in Dubai.

In 2016 I did the Steadicam work on an episode of Netflix’s series “Black Mirror” directed by Joe Wright and have been involved in the History Channel’s “Black Sails” series 4 as well as in Andy Sirkus’s “Breathe” shot by Bob Richardson.

In 2015, I did a lot of operating on HBO’s “Homeland” season 4 as well as other features and commercials.

Though based in Cape Town I am equally at home shooting in Johannesburg or anywhere in Africa. I have my own rig with remote focus and HD transmitters ready to go at a moments notice.

Steadicam portfolio