About / CV

I am a cinematographer and Steadicam operator working out of Cape Town and shoot commercials, short films, promos and feature films.

Since the end of lockdown I’ve done steadicam and conventional operating on many commercials as well as working on the US show “Venus Flytrap” in addition to the local Netflix hit “Blood and Water” and the recent film “The woman king”

This year I won the coveted Silwerskermfees award for Cinematography for a short film called “Babar” directed by Jerome Overmeyer.

I was awarded the 2017 SOSA (camera operators society of SA) award for my Steadicam work on a promo I shot for The Suitcase Hearts at the SASC Visible Spectrum awards.

I operate on remote heads of all kinds including the Libra and the Stab-C as well as the regular fluid sort.

I have been in the industry since the early 90’s and have been a DOP and operator on film and all forms of HD working with the Alexa’s and all the Reds.

An international feature film I shot called “Bordering on bad behaviour” starred Tom Sizemore and was directed by Jac Mulder and was released in 2017.

I also recently completed a 2nd film “Twisted Blues”with the same director on the Red Weapon Helium that is currently in post producton.

I operated and did the Steadicam for director Joe Wright’s episode of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” in 2016 as well being involved operating and doing Steadicam on “Black Sails” S4.

I hope you enjoyed the showreel. Don’t hesitate to check my availability for your next commercial or film.

Justin Youens